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Welcome to PRIZMOZI! We are thrilled that you have selected us to help with your design needs.


We can't wait to get started and bring our creative energy to your project. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your vision is realized. Below is everything you need to get started. 

3 SIMPLE STEPS - 3 Simple steps is all that we need in order to get started on your project(s). To provide the best possible experience, please read everything carefully.:

  1. Review the PRIZMOZI Education Packet

  2. Complete the PRIZMOZI Service Request: Airtable Form

  3. Provide a valid form of Payment

"STEP 1: PRIZMOZI EDUCATION PACKET - During our time together we will be referencing industry specific terminology. We HIGHLY advise that you read through this easy-to-understand, informative PDF that will help to familiarize you and your team with common design terms and standards. Once you've caught up on the terms, you can proceed with the PRIZMOZI Service Request: Airtable Form.

Click The Packet To View

STEP 2: PRIZMOZI SERVICE REQUEST: AIRTABLE FORM: - In order to keep the process moving smoothly, we try and collect as much information regarding the project upfront as possible. Filling out the PRIZMOZI Service Request to completion will help streamline our process. Click the link below and fill out the form. Once you've completed the form, click submit. When done, you may close that window and return here to move on to step 3.

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Click The Button To View

"STEP 3: DEPOSIT PAYMENT - We collect the details you submitted in the form above and build a brand and industry profile tailored to you. We require a deposit of $100.00 USD in order to proceed. This deposit is non refundable or transferrable, it covers our time as we research, identify trends, and compare industry fads. We also analyze your target demographic and asses your brand goals. Once you have completed the service request form, PRIZMOZI will send an emailed invoice via to collect the deposit. After an outline of the project has been defined and the scope is agreed upon, the Deposit Payment will be applied towards the final cost of the project.

THAT'S IT - You're done for now! We'll reach out to the email you provided and set up an appointment for your one-on-one consultation. We look forward to unleashing your brands protentional. (Don't forget to check your Spam folder.)

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